Episever CMS 10 exam tips

A few day ago I passed the Episerver CMS 10 certification exam. Here are some tips if you plan to do the same. Note that this is not a full list of the knowledge areas. This is just a list of the areas that (I’m pretty sure) are new to the CMS 10 exam:

  • Episerver Forms. Know how to work with forms. How are form submissions saved?
  • DXC service. Know licensing and how deployments are made.
  • A/B testing
  • Projects. How to enable/disable Projects feature?
  • Content approval
  • AspNetIdentiy and OWIN authentication. Know how to migrate from membership- and roleproviders to AspNetIdentity and OWIN authentication.

Even though there are questions about Episerver Forms, there are also questions about the older XForms.

You need to know both AspNetIdentity/OWIN and the “old” membership- and roleproviders.

I also got a question about mirroring, which I find a bit odd, since it’s not really possible to install mirroring on a CMS 10 solution.

More information about the CMS 10 certification can be found here.


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